Artis Raising MENA Fund

Artis Capital Management, the hedge fund that works closely with Sequoia Capital and invested in YouTube, has launched a new fund, documents show.

The San Francisco-based firm is working on a fund called Artis MENA fund. MENA is an acronym typically used as shorthand for the Middle East and North Africa. Its use in the regulatory filing might indicate that the firm is looking to invest in companies located in that region or is looking to collect money from investors from that region.

Stewart Stuart Peterson, an executive officer of the fund, did not immediately respond to call for comment.

The aggregate offering price of the fund is $500 million, which might represent either a hard-cap on fundraising or the firm’s target for the fund.

Artis Capital Management has several side funds, regulatory filings show. It raised more than $250 million for two funds at the beginning of the year. The filings don’t specify how each of the funds—Artis Partners Ltd., which raised $115 million, and Artis Partners 2X Ltd., which raised $136 million—will be invested. Each of these funds had an aggregate offering price of $500 million.

Last August, the firm raised $59 million of a proposed $200 million for its Artis Partners fund from 76 investors; $253.8 million of a proposed $500 million for its Artis Partners (institutional) fund from 56 investors; and $48.4 million of a proposed $500 million for its Artis Partners 2X LP fund from 71 investors.

It is unclear what relation each fund has to each other fund from the regulatory filings. Peterson has not returned phone messages asking for clarification in the past.

For those who like spreadsheets, I’ve prepared one for Artis’ holdings as of March 31, based on data from the SEC: Artis Q1 2008 Holdings

Note: Thanks to an anonymous reader who points out that I misspelled Stuart’s name (please see the correction above). I’m trying to upload the image file for the MENA filing for our skeptical anonymous commenters but the WordPress software is giving me trouble. Meantime, see that such a filing exists via the SEC website.