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Venture hopes to couch furniture startups in very profitable terms

Furniture has long been one of the biggest pain points in the home. It’s expensive, it’s a hassle to move around, and it’s hard to shop for because you never know how it’s going to look in your home. Now, a new line of tech-enabled furniture startups is attempting to solve all these problems and […]

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AI takes over the busywork in sales, freeing sales staff to do what they do best

Artificial intelligence, one of the most intriguing technologies of the 21st century, has the power to reshape the way people live, work and play. It also has the power to fundamentally change the way companies do business — and one of the first places it’s having impact is in sales. AI can free salespeople from busy […]

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Esports startups build investor fan base as consumers log in

Esports is crushing it. Global revenue for the sector will grow 38 percent to $906 million in 2018 and then could more than double to $2.4 billion by 2020, market researcher Newzoo estimates. Viewership is also accelerating at G-force pace. Goldman Sachs predicts esports viewership will soon pass that of Major League Baseball and the National Hockey […]

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Helping avoid flights of fancy, venture disrupts business travel

Business travel is a massive market, with $1.2 trillion spent globally every year, according to the Global Business Travel Association. Yet many companies still use outdated technology, and in some cases actual humans, to book travel for their employees. Booking any trip online can be complex, but booking a business trip online is more so, […]

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Spirituality startups: Easing stress from technology with technology

On rare occasion, the cause of a problem can also be the solution. That’s the premise behind a new group of spirituality and self-care startups offering to de-stress our tech-harried life with — yes — technology. Venture-backed companies like Shine, Calm and Headspace have created apps that promise the chance to relax, refresh and collect yourself, for […]

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Venture sinks its teeth into oral-care innovation

Startups have disrupted all sorts of personal-care industries: hair, skin, vision, nutrition, even shaving.  Now, a few are sinking their teeth into dental. It’s a large industry: Spending on oral care is about $40 billion a year, Grand View Research estimates. But for decades it has seen scant innovation. “It’s amazing that with all the […]

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Genetically engineering your diet? Startups tell you how to nourish based on your DNA.

You eat what you are. That’s the thesis driving a group of startups that offer nutrition advice customized to individual consumers. After all, nutrition is getting highly personal. Advances in DNA technology are pushing the science from broad guidelines, such as eat less meat and sugar, more fruits and vegetables, to advice tailored to your […]

Opioid VC Venture

VCs target pain treatments, but without the opioids

Ken Hood, managing director at FusionX Ventures, knows how easily good people can fall into the addiction trap. Not long ago, he spent a week in hospital due to complications from knee surgery. “I can’t tell you how many times a nurse came in to ask if I was in pain,” he says. “If I […]

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The Deal of the Art: Venture firms sketch out art-investment strategies

VCs have the means to appreciate the finer things in life. So it’s probably a safe bet that at least one or two have an original Picasso or Warhol hanging on their office walls. And beyond bragging rights, owning one of these greats is probably a good investment, especially given that Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi […]

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Year in Review: New York emerges as key VC rival to Silicon Valley

One of the year’s most surprising stories was that New York City for the first time eclipsed San Francisco in venture funding. New York City startups attracted $4.23 billion in Q3, compared with $4.18 billion for San Francisco/North Bay startups, the MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and CB Insights shows. Yes, the New York numbers were […]


VC surges into retail tech to help stores face down Amazon

Amazon has long been criticized as a retail killer, the bane of big-box stores and mom-and-pop shops everywhere. Even President Donald Trump recently weighed in, tweeting that Amazon is “doing great damage to tax paying retailers. Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt – many jobs being lost!” But as this president has […]


Well-funded startups vie in hot real estate market

For most people, buying or selling a home is the biggest, most gut-wrenching transaction of their lives. That’s why a new set of venture-backed startups are hoping to take the stress out of residential real estate by transforming the way houses are bought and sold. Take Knock, which recently raised $32 million led by RRE Ventures. Unlike […]

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Investors show their ‘Baby Love’ for infant tech

There’s a boom in baby investments, with VCs going gaga over startups that cater to infants. Deal activity in baby and kids tech grew 48 percent from 2013 to 2016, peaking at 176 deals in 2016, according to research firm CB Insights. And 2017 is on track to exceed that number, with 185 deals expected […]


Bike-sharing startups gearing up to pedal their services nationwide

Chinese tech startups are notorious for copycatting and never innovating. Baidu is the Google of China, Renren is the Facebook of China, Didi Chuxing is the Uber of China, and Tujia is the Airbnb of China, to name a few. But now U.S. companies are flipping the script and starting to imitate a new wave […]

VC Eye Vision VR

Jazz Venture Partners, SoftTech and other investors eyeing the vast vision market

Vision care is already an eye-catching opportunity. Growing at a rate of 9.8 percent annually, the North American market alone is projected to reach $100 billion by 2027. The consumer base is huge, as three out of four U.S. adults now use some sort of vision correction. Yet the potential is far larger, as many technologies […]

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Getting a handle on carry-on-luggage innovation

Like a lot of lumbering land-based species, luggage has evolved slowly, from the steamer trunk to the suitcase to the 1987 invention of the Rollaboard. Since that milestone, the luggage world has been relatively calm. But that calm caught the attention of entrepreneurs and investors, who — what else? — set out to disrupt the $40 […]

VC Corporate Learning

Corporate learning sites connect with investors

The average worker has changed a great deal in recent years. The average worker-training program has not. Too often, it still involves an instructor standing at the front of a room, droning away and scrawling on a whiteboard. It is so not the way workers want to learn, especially millennial workers. Employees today are young. […]

Voice Tech Siri VC

Voice-tech entrants try to be heard above the cacophony

Remember the old days of voice recognition? Siri, which has been a part of Apple’s iOS since 2011, would hear you say “order pizza” and she’d give you cures for alopecia. No longer: Voice has arrived. Virtual assistants like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana and Google Assistant are now delivering far better voice recognition. And […]