Deloitte Is Hiring …With A Confusing Message

A new Deloitte recruitment ad has struck some the wrong way. The Office Newb, for example, has criticized the ad for offering a confusing, if not just plain idiotic, message. I’m not sure if I quite get the message myself. It’s a string of humorous interview scenes with a 12-year-old asking asinine questions including Rorschach tests, the number of ping pong balls that fit into a 747, and snap decisions about lunch. (View it after the jump)

For the first two minutes and 25 seconds, you’d think the ad’s goal is to turn you off of other consulting firms that might actually use such ridiculous interviewing processes, conducted by young, inexperienced know-it-alls. Most of the interviewees get frustrated, except the one immature “dude” who gives high fives and acts like a monkey.

But then, in the last five seconds, the interviewer hires the smart girl, she’s excited, and he says Deloitte’s catchphrase, “You were born to consult.” The message confuses me. Unless, of course, its point is to merely “go viral” with something—anything—in an attempt to get the firm’s name out there. Reminds me of a certain fictional Cable TV executive (and ironically, one of my favorite commercials, “Blog it Out”). If that’s the case I’ve unfortunately helped it!

But really, the bottom line here, MBAs and others, is that Deloitte is hiring.