Ex-Oregon LP Green joins Russell Investments

  • Green was an LP for Oregon State Treasury
  • He previously was at Washington State Investment Board
  • Russell Investments has been building private-markets team

Sam Green, a former limited partner with the Oregon State Treasury, joined Russell Investments as a private market analyst.

Green joined in April, a spokesman for Russell confirmed. He is part of Russell’s growing private-markets team, which also includes Wade Millen, senior research analyst, and Brett Deits, portfolio manager.

Vic Leverett is managing director of alternative investments, managing hedge funds and real estate teams, as well as overseeing research and risk management.

Russell’s team works with clients like small endowments and other institutional investors to build out private-markets portfolios. The private-markets team focuses on finding specialist managers in certain strategies, regions and sectors.

This includes GPs in the small end of the market, “which we have found to provide more consistent returns, regardless of the asset class,” Deits and Millen wrote in an article for a Russell publication last year.

Green joined Oregon’s state treasury in 2008. Previously, he spent 19 years at Washington State Investment Board. He also was a PE-investment officer at Washington State.

Green was a member of Oregon’s veteran PE team, which has had its share of departures over the past few years.

The investment team within the treasurer’s office invests the assets of Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, including a private equity portfolio with a fair market value of more than $14 billion.

The treasury office’s longtime head of PE, Jay Fewel, retired in 2013. At the time, the system restructured its program, promoting John Hershey to the new role of director of alternative investments. In this role, Hershey oversees the system’s entire alternatives portfolio, which includes PE, real estate and opportunistic strategies.

The PE team at the time included Green and Andy Hayes. Hayes left the system last year and took a job at placement agency FIRSTavenue.

Oregon hired Michael Langdon from Hermes GPE in 2015 to take over the PE portfolio. Langdon led the private equity portfolio at Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board for almost six years. He reports to Hershey.

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Photo of Sam Green courtesy of LinkedIn