Early Look at First Half Numbers

The end of Q2 is just hours away, which means that we’re in for a data deluge. Well, not from the VC-backed IPO market – can you be deluged with nothingness? – but from everywhere else. Full data from Thomson Reuters will be posted this afternoon, but here’s a quick preview of first half 2008 compared to first half 2007:

* Global M&A is down 26%
* Global private equity-sponsored M&A is down 75%
* U.S. M&A is down 41%
* U.S. private equity-sponsored M&A is down 84%
* U.S.-based buyout firms raised $65.6 billion in fund capital in Q2, compared to $76.7 billion in Q1 (source: Buyouts Magazine).

Much more to come…