I’m Moving: Sayonara San Francisco, Hello Hollywood

Thomson Reuters is sending me down the coast to live in Los Angeles and cover the intersection of money and technology for the Venture Capital Journal and I’m leaving Saturday.

It’s easy to see Los Angeles as a place to go for new media. Who in Silicon Valley hasn’t heard the “Digital Hollywood” pitch before? But other industries, such as cleantech, are starting to flourish there too. Just take a look at Earth2Tech’s map of cleantech companies funded in the region, constructed earlier this year.

In fact, over 100 companies in all different types of industries attracted more than $4.3 billion in venture capital dollars so far this year in the Los Angeles area, according to data from Thomson Reuters (publisher of PeHub). Download the list.

Connie wrote a great story for the May cover of the Venture Capital Journal that tells more about Los Angeles than anything else I’ve read about the VC scene there. The money quote in Connie’s story came from Jim Armstrong, a managing director at Clearstone: “Our competition isn’t Anthem or Palomar. It’s Southwest Airlines, taking entrepreneurs up to Sand Hill Road.”

I’ll be flying Delta, not Southwest, from LAX to SFO regularly, my San Francisco friends, so fear not.

Meanwhile, if you know a good place to eat in LA or its environs, please leave your suggestion in the comments section.