Jonathan Lee Riches Strikes Again: Targeting Loopt CEO

Convict Jonathan Lee Riches is a lawsuitaholic, or so it would seem from the more than 1,000 of suits he filed from his South Carolina prison cell since being busted for identity theft and confined for 125 months.

After attempting to sue Vinod Khosla earlier this year for $43 million, he turned his attention to Loopt founder and CEO Sam Altman. His complaint, verbatim:

“Temporary Restraining Order — Defendants make GPS satalite [sic] tech for the government, and put GPS tracking in cell phones that violate my privacy and track my movements in prison. I’m denied privacy at FCI Williamsburg. Loopt Inc is watching me and selling my copyright material on Youtube, tubes of toothpaste, innertube Inc, and a tub without the E on the end. I face danger and seek a restraining order.”

Download the complaint.

Loopt makes location-based social networking software for mobile phones and has raised almost $20 million from New Enterprise Associates, Y-Combinator and Sequoia Capital.

“I’m getting sued by who?” CEO Sam Altman said when asked about the suit.

The case was recently dismissed along with several other of Jonathan Lee Riches suits.

[Image from The Smoking Gun.]