July Deal Data: M&A Falls, Private Equity Rises

Today is the last day of July, so the Thomson Reuters data team sent over some monthly M&A deal activity info. It shows one of three things: (1) Most deal-makers spent the past 31 days on vacation; (2) There were few good deals left after June’s relative bonanza; or (3) The July numbers will increase over time, as new data gets entered into the system (i.e., deals not yet disclosed).

Thomson Reuters reports that global M&A fell to just $99 billion in July, compared to $287.9 billion in June and $357 billion in July 2008. All of the decrease, however, was on the strategic side. Private equity-sponsored deal volume actually increased from $7.36 billion in June to $13 billion in July. It was the industry’s busiest month since last August, although the vast majority of deals were still outside of the U.S.

You can view the data below, or download it by clicking here.

M&A Data_July 2009