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Lynn Tilton Didn’t Get Her Reality Show But Will Be on 20/20 This Week

This just in.

Lynn Tilton, the head of Patriarch Partners, will be on “20/20” later this week talking to Barbara Walters. No, the show won’t be on PE execs that “scream and spit.” Instead, the episode will be “Inside the Lives of the Super Rich.”

Tilton, according to “20/20,” owns more companies than any woman in America. There are some promo shots of Tilton and Walters smiling together, as well as Tilton showing off her major shoe collection.

The “20/20” episode will also feature Christie’s America CEO Marc Porter; John Paul DeJoria, the founder of Paul Mitchell Products; and Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte.

The show will air Friday at 10 p.m. ET, says Richard White, a Patriarch Partners spokesman.

Earlier this year, Tilton was the subject of a devastating investigation by Forbes that claimed she propositioned male employees, screamed, spit and raged on desktops. The probe was bad enough that the Sundance Channel called off Tilton’s planned reality show.

The show is still in development, White says.

“The reality show was put on hold but it is something that is still being considered and discussed,” he says.

Also unclear is the status of litigation that’s facing Tilton. The Patriarch CEO was in a Dallas federal courtroom earlier this month responding to a wrongful termination lawsuit from a former executive. I  wonder if Walters asked about that.