Market Structure is Causing the IPO Crisis

Grant Thornton today released a white paper the IPO crisis and what can be done to fix the problem.

It is a follow up to Grant Thornton’s original study, Why are IPOs in the ICU?, which was published in November 2008, and provides fresh market data and incorporates additional insight gleaned from discussions with a wide range of key market participants, including former senior staffers at the SEC and senior executives at “bulge bracket” and “major bracket” investment banks.

The white paper proposes a solution to this crisis – an issuer and investor opt-in capital market that would make use of full SEC oversight and disclosure, and could be run as a separate segment of NYSE or NASDAQ, or as a new market entrant.

Download the report here:Market Structure-is-Causing-the-IPO-Crisis

Or here: Market Structure Causing IPO Crisis