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I am a passionate friend and colleague; striving to achieve success in all facets of my life. I began with a dream of making often scarce private capital accessible to young growth stage companies, founded primarily by first time entrepreneurs; and that dream became a reality with the creation of Patina Capital. Patina Capital is comprised of young, hungry, and bright minds aiming to rewrite the prerequisites of Venture Capital and Private Equity investing. This initiative has spawned a passionate network of capital investors, eager to fulfill the capital requirements of the new and exciting ventures gracing the market each day.

About Patina Capital:

Patina Capital Inc. is a privately-held Arizona corporation co-founded by Danny Barnes and Michael T. Bernstein. Located in Tucson, Arizona, Patina Capital is a private equity venture capital firm dedicated to helping new business opportunities realize their full growth potential. Through its innovative approach to capital acquisition and delivery, Patina Capital provides deal structure creativity, management foresight, and industry insights to serve a wide array of venture opportunities.

Patina Capital Mission:

To provide a holistic approach to venture funding and management consulting in order to ignite business growth and develop opportunities that would not be possible for the individual entrepreneur.


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Investment Banking Institute

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2011 – 2012

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