Lindsay Goldberg Buying PSC Industrials from Icahn

Turns out there is another item of note in the FTC filing that revealed the Shoes for Crews auction winner. This one is about PSC Industrials, an industrial and environmental cleanup company owned by Carl Icahn.

The filing indicates that private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg is buying PSC out of its third fund, which closed last year with $4.7 billion. No additional details were disclosed, although Icahn tells peHUB that the deal should be completed within a week or so.

PSC Industrials used to be known as Philip Services Corp., before Icahn spun off its scrap metal processing unit into an independent business (and put it under the Ichan Enterprises umbrella). The Houston-based company provides industrial cleaning, envionmental, transportation and container services in North America, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Lindsay Goldberg did not return requests for comment.