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peHUB First Read

I Dunno… We all liked Meryl as Anna….

Big Cake: Silver Lake looks to up the ante with competitors’ footsteps audible

As Washington Kicks the Can down the road, they’ve at least likely extended the IPO window a few more weeks

But Will European contagion fears spoil the holiday party?

Hungry Eyes: PE likes the looks of El Paso assets

Glass Houses: Are we really in a position to start bullying China?

Oh, Behave! Facebook slapped by a wave of naughty content

Judge Shopping Works! Zuccotti protestors smacked down by ruling

Disaster Zone: The Penn St. scandal deepens

EPMD STILL Got Checks to Cash! Serm LIVES!!!

It’s Not What You Raise: It’s how you spend it!

In Conclusion… Last night’s peHUB Shindig in Dallas was a smashing success! Nearly $2,000 raised for the North Texas Food Bank!