peHUB First Read

What Do You Say… we start off Wednesday morning with a boatload of Velvet Revolver songs?

25% of iPad users do their usage… in the restroom. See how normal YOU are!

Girl of Your Dreams? Miss Philippines flexes her beat-boxing skills!

Coming to a telephone wire near you! Ewing kicks are coming back to NYC

Hewlett-Packing-It-In: Lexmark is bagging the inkjet printing game

So How, exactly, did Code Pink greet the GOP conventioneers? Oh.

So what’s Zuck’s next big plan?

Freeh-Bird: Former FBI director’s firm makes mega-exit after providing Penn State officials with the public humiliation so many of them so richly deserved

We’re Saved! Dying medium hitches itself to dying Postal Service in bid to save… each other?

Who’s got big debt issues in the US?

Image Credit: Jonathan Marino