peHUB First Read

Could Twitter Sell? If so, that secondary stake play was a great move…

Deals: Visa targets PlaySpan, Deutsche Börse/NYSE Euronext

Un-Stimulus: GOP proposes a wave of federal budget cuts

Smooth it Out: Nestle/L’Oreal venture Galderma ups Q-Med bid

Funding: Arboretum Ventures, the Michigan-based healthcare startup backer, lands $125M in latest fund

Cheaters: Married GOP Congressman reportedly tries to cheat on wife, in what is to be remembered as one of the party’s less galling sex scandals in recent years

Juke Box Zero: Guitar Hero maker Harmonix reportedly cuts 12% of staff

Amtrak: Keep an eye on these legislative battles, as it could one day result in the government unloading the prized routes and real estate

Stocks: Not so hot; Cisco spurs downward-pointed futures and foreign markets mostly lost