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Back in Business: Fresh off his failure to carpetbag his way into office on behalf of the people of New York state, Harold Ford instead opts to become a senior client manager for Morgan Stanley

Speaking Of: Wanna-be politicians, you, too, can play legislator for a day and try and budget-trim our way back to fiscal sanity

Not Just PE: A Quora member poses an uncomfortable question about women and seniority at VC firms

Getting the Job: How to land a gig at Microsoft, or, though Union Square Ventures

Go Creamer, its Your Birthday: You CAN’T Find Him in the Club

Stocks: Ouch, foreign markets fall and U.S. futures look to rebound from an ugly Tuesday

Spinning Off: Albertis, now with a new PE shareholder, is looking to spin off car parking and logistics units

Advertising: Why all ads will one day be social

Funding: Acetylon Pharmaceuticals nets $12.4M of a planned $30M fundraising so far