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peHUB First Read

Cracking the Code: Regulators seek high-speed trading codes

Come Again? When does bankruptcy not mean bankruptcy?

W. Va. Man Streaks, Takes Live raccoon to NASCAR event. Yup.

Stuff You’d Never Wanna Eat? Check.

So About That $100M Vick deal… Yeah, it’s not. Also, the Eagles aren’t going to win the East. There, Bernard, I said it.

As We Remember… Study points to 9/11 cancer link

Is Yelp the canary in the daily deal coal mine?

Gettin’ Pretty: Talbots revamps its image with a PE suitor on board

Postcards from Boston: Where Xconomy breaks down the latest life sciences investment news

Ouch: Starz yankz content from Netflix

No WAY. Someone at Miami broke the rules (again). We don’t believe it!

D’oh! Judge yanks SAP award, hands a win to Oracle

This Is an excellent idea. I’ll take three.

In Conclusion… Everyone have a great, safe long Labor Day Weekend—and keep sending in those birthdays!