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peHUB First Read

This is What Happens: When you Google “in defense of Michael Arrington.” And, it’s pretty amusing.

Snitchin’: This man is about to be jailed for cooperating with the media

Ouch: The Times, after ripping Techcrunch, is forced to publish a series of corrections

Just for Clarification: Michael Arrington will write for Techcrunch, will not have editorial oversight

Can Apple Revolutionize the solar biz?

Spinning Off: HP will unload its PC unit.

Talking Big: The president demands more of the GOP

Terror! Global markets tumble likely afoot

Is This It? Time to send everything via e-mail, looks like

Guiding Light: Guidewire files $100M IPO

Filing Time! AIG’s aircraft leasing unit looks to go public

How to Ponzi 101: Is Harvard going to offer a Madoff class?

In Conclusion: A simple graph that clarifies why the U.S. is going to need some more tax dollars, from somewhere, at some point in your, and my, future