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peHUB First Read

Approaching the Summit? Netflix’s impressive roll begins to slow

Still Missed the Mark: RIM’s fortunes fall further

It Warrants Asking… so how did the “Amish Bernie Madoff” print up P&Ls for his investors?

Bullish on the Buck? Fortress bets vs. the Euro

Suburban Decay: Is this it for the ‘burbs?

Here’s Why CEOs need to engage Washington (distasteful as it might sound!)

The Paper Chase: The scramble to lock in good guests for morning television. Which, apparently, some folks still watch.

Here is a Cat that clearly needs to utilize Foursquare. And airline miles, probably.

The Michelle Effect: National chains are slimming kids menus

Everybody In! USV preps for a new fund

Yoink! Would-be ’11 IPOs get string pulled as markets spook investors

Well Played, GOP: Did President Obama just lose a ton of votes in ’12?

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