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peHUB Second Opinion 10.12

Goodbye Joe Consumer: “The concept of an ‘average American’ is gone, probably forever. ” (Ad Age)

Liquidity Events: Private Equity’s Exit Strategies Are A-Changin’ (Pitchbook)

Help or Hurt? More than half of companies have banned Facebook and Twitter at work. (Wired)

Pile On: Another busted LBO that earned its PE backers a profit. (Zero hedge)

Oh Dear God: This could be so very ugly. The New York Post reported that Energy Future Holdings, aka TXU, is having problems with the restructuring plan for its debt. (Reuters)

Upsides: Because of a decrease in travel due to the recession, planes have been less delayed in recent years. (Consumerist)

Random: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called the Giorgio Armani-Samsung smartphone “the most fashionable phone I’ve ever had the chance to talk about.” (WWD)

Hot Air Balloon Craziness: “Here’s the thing about hot-air balloons: They stand as tall as an eight-story building, with a maximum diameter topping 50 feet. And they can’t be steered.” (WSJ)

Abusers: Bloomberg dedicated around 2000 words to cocaine use among London bankers. (Bloomberg via Felix Salmon)

Systemic Risk? How to Fix VC Once and For All (Georges van Hoegaerden)

Showdown: KKR Vs BX. Lauren Silva Laughlin does the numbers. (Breakingviews)