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peHUB Second Opinion 10.5

Auction Time: If you wanna do a deal, you gotta be “creative.” (FT)

Advancing the Story: Private equity firms ravaged Simmons, could they do the same to banks? (Daily Finance)

Speaking of the Story: 92K for a yacht captain? Yeesh. (NYT)

And the Responses: “Shareholder Value for Beginners.” (Baseline Scenario) “Blame the Banks.” (Clusterstock)

Now Hiring: Deloitte is looking at community colleges to increase its diversity. (BusinessWeek)

At Volvo, We’re Private Equity, and We’re Here to Help: “After Cerberus Capital Management’s painful experience with Chrysler, it seems improbable that private equity would want to get involved with Volvo.” (WSJ)

Rebuttals: Vivek Wadhwa’s recent TechCrunch article about the way Venture Capital stymies innovation has made him an enemy of the Private Equiteer. Here’s his response: (Private Equiteer)

M&A Listicles: Here are 12 buyout candidates, named authoritatively but it appears chosen by guesses or speculation…. (Business Insider)