peHUB Second Opinion 11.18

Big: America’s 25 largest private equity-backed companies. Not the biggest deals or biggest exits or biggest returns, but the largest companies, in terms of revenues, under PE ownership now. Sneak peek, the top two are Cerberus companies, 3, 4 and 5 have KKR money.

O, Canada: Last month I wrote that Canadian banks are not only open for business but healthy. Mergermarket takes it a step further, saying they’ll be on the prowl for acquisitions.

Scoopy: Apax, Oaktree and 3i are taking a look at Taylor Wimpley, the British Homebuilder.

If You Missed the Automaker Hearing: Here’s a very detailed liveblog.

Kedrosky Was Right: The Path to financial engineering isn’t quite as attractive to MBAs anymore, the Journal writes.

Daniel Gross: On the Harvard decline.

Do People Drink More In A Recession: And other business of booze-related inquiries. (general answer, yes.)

Sorry, SJP: Looks like more and more PE-backed retail bankruptcies are turning into PE-backed retail liquidations. Steve & Barry’s joins the list. More Dealscape commentary on the rough retail waters here.

Deal Professor: Who controls AIG? The answer is as tricky as you’d think.