peHUB Second Opinion 12.1

The Odd Story of A Self-Important Dad: AKA Skip McGee III, the former head of investment banking at Lehman Brothers. He’s written a ridiculous letter to his kid’s school and Dealbreaker got wind of it… (Dealbreaker)

PE Salary Freeze! Roughly six in 10 private-equity firms have frozen salaries or are considering doing so in the future. (Deal Journal)


Speaking of PE HR: Clusterstock has a take of the grueling process to get hired at a buyout firm. But frankly, as I read it, I had to agree with some of the commenters-the process seems pretty standard. If you can’t describe and model an LBO, why are you applying to work at a buyout firm? (Clusterstock)


PR Problem: Following the Goldman Sachs’ take-down in Rolling Stone earlier this year, Vanity Fair has a new profile of the firm and its not necessarily flattering. (Vanity Fair)


And: Deal Journal piles on, writing that the “PR hits keep coming.” (DJ)


OMG! IMPORTANT! Here’s the dumb press release of the day: BoTAX: Will Congress Harm the Self Esteem of America? (Acara Partners)


Encouraging Signs: VC-backed IPOs gain momentum. (Dealscape)

Stuff To Know: Which Private Fund Managers Should Anticipate Registration With The SEC? (Metro Corporate Counsel)