peHUB Second Opinion 12.30

Happy New Year, Everyone-will return on Monday.

Standing Out: How to Get Noticed by Executive Recruiters, a service piece. (FINS)

Ageism: A banker who was fired at age 42 has won an age discrimination case against CIBC in Canada. (Times Online)

Biggest Buzzword of ’09? Ponzi. In 2009 we saw almost four times as many investment scams fall apart as in 2008. (AP)

Deals Deals Deals: Hopu Investment Management Co., the China-focused fund backed by Singapore’s Temasek Holdings Pte, bought at least $400 million of stock in China Pacific Insurance (Group) Co., Bloomberg reported. (Bloomberg)

Ugly Jumble: “Now journalism is a jumble. Just who is a reporter and who is an advocate is often blurred. Some journalism is openly partisan.” (Newsweek)

Get Ready for a Dealmaking Upswing in 2010: Companies looking to fix strategic flaws or simply to grow are turning again to M&A, says Bloomberg BusinessWeek columnist Frank Aquila (BW)

Looking In Depth: Why Buffet is Betting on the Railroads. In case you were really curious. (Railway Age)

Family Owned: The FT is taking a close look at how some of the largest family-owned businesses fared in the last decade. One is peHUB’s parent company Thomson Reuters and the Thomson family. (FT)