peHUB Second Opinion 1.7

Hubris Soars, Crisis Wasted: Bloomberg Op-ed on bonuses, reform– The past year was filled with opportunities to fix the structural problems of the U.S. financial system-to little avail. Meanwhile, big banks are once again reaping extraordinary profits. (Bloomberg)

Coller Capital Study: Return expectations, and enthusiasm for PE firms are down.  (All About Alpha)

Replacing Dodd: Tim Johnson of South Dakota is in line to become the chamber’s Banking Committee chairman next year. (Bloomberg)

Awwww: The Newark security breech from this weekend was caused by a man who slipped into a secure area to give a woman one last goodbye kiss. Hope that kiss made his ladyfriend happy because it pissed off a LOT of others. (Reuters)

Merger Fail: Time Warner’s merger with AOL may have been the worst merger of the century but there are plenty of contenders for that tile. (Telegraph)

Have Funds, Will Travel: Is it possible to be a nomadic private equity pro? (Private Equiteer)

Carried Interest: You knew it was only a matter of time. Well, that time is now. (WSJ)

Outlook Time: Ah, frivolous outlooks and predictions. Here’s a breakdown of a little of each of those things from Goldman Sachs. (Business Insider)

Meme of the Day: The worst Facebook revenge ever. Funny, but also considered cyber bullying. (Nerve, Sydney Herald)

Michael Corkery: Why Wall Street Can’t Win.(Deal Journal)

Prohibition (A Cautionary Tale): “America’s experiment with banning alcohol created problems that persist to this day.” WSJ tackles the history of prohibition, (but completely fails to mention that women’s rights activists were also huge part of Prohibition) (WSJ).

Psssst: Felix Salmon looks at the Fed’s Culture of Secrecy. (Reuters)