peHUB Second Opinion 2.2 (Groundhog Day’s Edition)

Revenge of the Vampire Squid: Goldman ousts its biting spokesman, Lucas van Praag. Sorry Lucas!

I’m Always Right: The Reformed Broker complains that “No One is Ever Wrong Anymore.” But you are wrong, just not me.

Deal: Amazon buys TeachStreet and the company will become part of Amazonlocal.

No Disclosure: Several major U.S. companies have been hacked but won’t admit it. And, Brazil hackers hit HSBC banking sites.

It’s a Split: Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow and predicts six more weeks of winter. But Staten Island Chuck didn’t.

Thar She Blows: An Alaska volcano forms a lava dome which raises the warning level.

American Exceptionalism or Not: Would you buy the United States if it were stock?

After the Decision: Susan G. Komen got hacked last night and Mayor Bloomberg offers $250K to Planned Parenthood to make up for the missing funds.

Making Friends: Rapper Ja Rule hangs out with Alan Hevesi and Dennis Kozlowski behind bars.