peHub Second Opinion 2.8

Wall Street’s Rising Stars: Ten to watch in ‘10. (Barron’s)

Q&A: View from the top with Tony James. (FT)

New Investors Topple Masters of the Universe: Asian sovereign wealth funds and venture capitalists, rather than big firms of the past, were the most active investors last year (Wealth Bulletin)

Update: The Kleen Energy plant explosion has claimed five identified casualties. The company, backed by Energy Investors Fund, won Goldman Sachs a Deal of the Year award from Project Finance. (

Watch Your Backs Guys: Four pensioners have appeared in a German court charged with kidnapping a financial adviser they blamed for making rotten US property investments. (BBC)

Tired of Complaining Customers? Ban them! That’s what Tim Horton’s did! (CBC News)

I Protest! Generation Y is apparently too lazy and unfocused to be hired, according to a reporter who spoke with three random people who work in the HR industry. (Courier-Mail)

Not So Simple: While raising taxes on PE and VC firms seems inevitable, critics argue that raising the taxes paid by the private equity industry will also hit small partnerships and venture capital, and may not even raise as much revenue as governments hope. (Reuters)

Lex: On Bank Private Equity (FT)