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peHUB Second Opinion 6.11

A Daring Trade Has Wall Street Seething: Texas Brokerage Firm Outwits the Big Banks in a Mortgage-Related Deal, and Now It’s War. (WSJ) Was is smart or conniving? Deal Journal breaks it down. (Deal Journal)

The Drinkable Portfolio: As an investment, wine has outperformed the market and delivered handsome returns. What you need to know about liquid assets. (WSJ)

Bold: Venezuela has banned Coke Zero, saying its poses a health danger. (Reuters)

Welcome: Shanghai has opened its doors to private equity firms establishing wholly owned units in the city. (DJ)

LP Churn? Private Equity pros are going to have to fund new investors, according to a new survey. (Dealscape)

Start Me Up: Amid a woeful jobs market, Stanford grads are starting their own companies, many of them with hopes of changing the world. (BW)

Wish List: Dell is ready to buy, buy, buy. Here are some companies on its wish list. (BW)

CNBC Bickering: Barney Frank versus Mark Haines. (Wall Street Folly)

Signs Of Recession: Strip Clubs Strip Offerings. (WSJ)

It Was A Good Try: Sam Zell’s foray into newspapers might be coming to a close. Zell could lose control of the newspaper company under a reorganization plan being negotiated between the company, which is in bankruptcy, and its lenders. (NY Post)