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peHUB Second Opinion 6.12

Not Afraid Of Employee rants: Nokia set up an intranet soapbox last spring known as Blog-Hub, opening it to employee bloggers around the world.(BW)

Inside The Startup Office From Hell: Frank Addante, the Los Angeles tech entrepreneur, has helpfully consolidated pretty much every terrible office idea and Web 2.0 startup cliché into one place: This video tour of his online ad company, Rubicon Project. (Valleywag)

Contradictions: The Shrinking VC world isn’t scaring off business grads. (Venture Dispatch)

Meanwhile: MBAs have “downgraded” their expectations for careers. I.E., being realistic? “Many are rethinking ambitions, trading dreams of high-paying careers in hard-hit fields like investment banking for positions in less-battered sectors.” (WSJ)

Not All Bad: Hedge funds actually did well in May, and that includes TPG-Axon. (Dealbook)

Ouch! Stimulus Fraud could cost the government up to $50 billion. Really? (Marketwatch)