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peHUB Second Opinion 6.19

Happy Weekend!

Keep On Rockin’ Through The Layoffs: A cover band comprised of several laid off Credit Suisse bankers is “kept together by the music.” Aged Inventory, the band’s name, refers to a bond that sits in a trading book for more than 60 days. (Bloomberg)

Private Equity Should Stay Away From Showbiz: Providence Equity Partners’ MGM stake and Goldman Sachs’ investment in the Weinstein Co. are reminders that betting on movies is a treacherous business. (BW)

BDC Mess: American Capital’s shares surged yesterday, and LBOWire isn’t sure why. I suspect it had something to do with a rumour floating around about a “secret” meeting between the company and its lenders. There was little further info on the situation, but people will trade on anything. (LBOWire)

Walking The Walk: Despite years of touting “operational expertise,” it appears that buyout firms are finally walking that walk. (CNBC)

From Phys. Ed. to PE: An interview with Adam Dudley of Grace Capital, which is seeking another partner. (Venture Hype)

Why The OTS elimination shouldn’t cause many tears: Fortune Swallows the Banks’ Baloney (Columbia Journalism Review)

Opinions: Epicurean Dealmaker considered the new financial regulations, “pathetically watered down trash.” (ED)

Catching You Up: Here’s a breakdown of the proxy war going on between Children’s Place and its former CEO. (Deal Journal)

Someone’s Getting Fired: A hardcore pornographic movie was accidentally screened at PS 17 in Brooklyn, N.Y., school officials said. (RedOrbit)

Op-Eds: George Soros’ three steps to financial reform. (FT)

Missing the Boat: KKR is reconsidering its IPO, but Blackstone’s stock has jumped from $4 per share to $14 in the last few months. (Dealzone)

P’s, Q’s: Taxi-sharing etiquette. (NY Times)