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peHUB Second Opinion 7.2

Happy July 4th!

Bloggers Gaining Steam: Goldman Sachs responds directly to blogger Zero Hedge. (Zero Hedge)

Lists: Dumbest Moments in Business, Mid-Year 2009. I think we could add a few buyout moves to this list as well… (Fortune)

Fighting Fund of Funds? Private equity funds of funds are increasingly under fire. Not only do they reduce returns, but they do not minimise risks” (IP&E)

Hours Versus Heads: The decline in aggregate hours worked has been frighteningly consistent over recent months. (Freakonomics)

Student Loan Horror Story: How a law school grad that passed the bar is being denied admission because of his $400,000 student loan load. (Law Blog)

What Did You Buy This Year: Ya shoulda bought high yeild, the Economist blog writes. (Economist)

Running a Hedge Fund From His Dorm? “Now, in addition to attending Pomona College, Graves manages Caelum Capital, a five-man $4.7 million long/short equity fund.” (Dealbreaker)

Sheila Bair: She’s a hero for taxpayers. (Clusterstock)

Long Live Secondaries? Buy-and-hold is dead. What does that mean for private equity? (Minyanville)

Simple Solution for S&P and Moody’s? “The truth is that the buy-side also wanted inflated credit ratings.” (Clusterstock)

Novelty at Toys ‘R’ Us: The KKR-backed company’s new $950 million senior note offering’s structure “could prevent the new bonds -which will be Toys “R” Us’ largest and most liquid issue – from being deliverable into existing CDS contracts.” (Debtwire)

PE Likes Pipes: Old news, when is someone going to study the kinds of returns buyout funds have gotten on such deals (Note to self…) (Reuters)