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peHUB Second Opinion 7.20

The Internet is Dead (As An Investment): James Altucher can live all day on the internet, but he tells clients to “run for the hills” when investing in it. (DJ)

Chronicling Facebook Without Facetime: A critical look at the new book “The Accidental Billionaires.” Best moment in the book? When the readers learn that Zuckerberg’s business cards say “I’m CEO – Bitch.” (NYT)

PE + Banks: In the South, Navigation Capital Partners and others are on the prowl for bank investments. (Atlanta Business Journal)

PE-Backed Bust: Wilton Holdings, the maker of food decorating equipment, backed by GTCR, was forced into bankruptcy by a creditor owned by Towerbrook Capital. That’s a recent deal which always confused me given the narrow, narrow narrow niche served by Wilton… (Reuters)

80s Revival: The Pac-Man bid (where a target turns around and makes a bid for its suitor) is back. (Reuters)

FYI: Reuters now has a wine page on its web site. (Reuters)

Cautionary Tale for Private Equity: It must hurt to have your deal blocked by an LP of the university you attended… (FT)

Midleading Headlines: Like all magazines, BusinessWeek and Portfolio have/had troubles. Time thinks that makes it a trend. (Time)

At Least Someone’s Listing: US Reits are seeing to raise money through IPOs and Follow-Ons. (NYT)