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peHUB Second Opinion 7.8

Private Equity Take A Gamble? Firms are shy no more regarding the online gaming sector, writes Mervyn Metcalf of Global Leisure Partners. (EGaming Magazine)

Facebook: The Movie: There’s a screenplay called “The Social Network” that’s supposedly a tell-all of the inner workings of Facebook. Juicy… (CNET)

Buck up! Hiring in finance is creeping back. (WSJ)

Then again: Only the employed need apply-“many employers are bypassing the jobless to target those still working, reasoning that these survivors are the top performers.” (WSJ)

Cold in Austrailia/Hot in Russia? Where is the reception from private equity warmer? (Carried Interest)

All This Regulation: Private equity, hedge and venture funds are all going to be regulated. Will it squeeze out the small players? (Forbes)

CEOs. Can’t Take ‘Em Anywhere: The CEO of Formula 1, backed by CVC Capital, made some shocking statements about Hitler. CVC apologized. (Telegraph)

Crossover Appeal: How to carry more weight as an equity holder in bankruptcy negotiations, according to Vulcan Capital’s Paul Allen. (The Deal)