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peHUB Second Opinion 8.25

Leverage is Back! Is Warner Chilcott’s highly leveraged deal for P&G’s pharma business a good thing? (Felix Salmon, Research Recap)

More New Lenders: The former head of Carlyle’s leveraged finance division is hanging his own shingle. (Bloomberg)

IPO Fever Cont… More private companies are going public-and the new companies are outperforming blue chips. (Businessweek)

Extra! Extra! The Wall Street Journal is trying too hard to break a big story. (Business Insider)

In Defense of the MBA: A University of Washington professor argues that the degree isn’t the problem, it’s the solution-to poorly run companies, unethical managers, and a crippled economy  (BW)

Corks At Dawn: A fight about who will bear the cost of the slump in champagne sales. (Economist)

Bank Failures: In light of tomorrow’s news about private equity’s ability to invest in failed banks, Dealscape took a look at the list of all 81 failed banks from this year. Meredith Whitney predicts we could see 300. (Dealscape)