Second Opinion

Deja Vu Edition: More IPO bashing, more aging media, more Blackstone, and more PE investing in financials. And of course, my favorite take on the fake death of the real Steve Jobs.

Reuters: After my IPO bashing today, more bad news. The exchanges are feeling the pain from not just a lack of new issuances, but from so many companies getting delisted! Ouch.

Reuters: Weighing in with more urgency on what Bloomberg and others have been following for some time now. PE firms, we know you’re out there, salivating over investment opportunities in failing banks. Get ready. It could happen this year yet.
Bloomberg: You might remember yesterday’s media bad news. Well, Sam Zell agrees that old newspapers may as well be old news.

Wall Street Journal: Speaking of media in trouble, American Media’s creditors just might give ‘em a chance.

NY Post: Blackstone’s hedge fund had one of its highest and lowest stock prices this month.

Everyone: If you haven’t seen it yet, CNN, Telegraph, Infectious Greed (my favorite take), and Dealbreaker have all posted comments on Steve Jobs’s pre-written obituary, which Bloomberg accidentally published for a few minutes yesterday. Gawker found it and published the entire text.