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peHUB Second Opinion 8.31

Charities find unlikely new champion in private equity: “The slash and burn culture of private equity seems ill-suited to the warm and well-meaning charity sector. But perhaps that is just what the latter needs.” By applying private equity best practices to charities, one firm has increased the number of people they help by an average of 53p% every year over a five-year period. (Telegraph)

The Bailout Bonanza: TARP’s early returns are impressive. (Newsweek)

Demerging markets: Private equity emerging markets are seen as being down in ’09. (Reuters)

OpEd: The New York Times approves of the FDIC’s rules for private equity investment in failed banks. (NYT)

More Positivity: More PE Groups in Europe have hinted that the worst is over for the industry. (FT)

Don’t Waste Time When You Travel: 10 tactics for being productive while traveling. (Lifehacker)

CIC is Back: “As the effects of the credit crunch continue to ease, Chinese sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp. is aiming to capitalize on the drop in valuations to load up on investments in private equity, hedge funds investments and funds-of-funds.” (Dealscape)

Skip This If You’re Sick of Madoff: But if you, like many, are fascinated by the “extraordinarily evil” white collar criminal, read on. The Washington Post has reviewed three new books on the Ponzi King, all of which use a fitting anecdote where a gradeschool Madoff played his teachers and classmates for fools. (Washington Post)

Obama’s “Pay Czar” No Stranger to Big Paychecks: Kenneth Feinberg made $5.76 million last year as a partner in his Washington law firm, Feinberg Rozen LLP, according to a government ethics filing obtained by Reuters. (Reuters)

Laid Off and Looking: The Wall Street Journal’s blog of job hunting financial types. (WSJ Blogs)

Battles: Lyondell lenders challenge Apollo/Access for fulcrum in backstop battle redux (Debtwire)