PEhub Second Opinion 9.2.08

Welcome Back Edition: Learning about al-Quaida, August IPO agony is over, more back to school previews, and less back to school shopping.

Wall Street Journal: We’ve discussed IPOs, and we’ve discussed this August’s slowdown (IPO-wise and otherwise), and now WSJ chimes in with further proof. August’s IPO drought was the slowest month since 1995. Even more interesting, the number of pulled IPOs is down, too, and WSJ thinks this is because people aren’t even bothering to file. As we enter year two of the credit crunch, all hope is lost, it seems.

Dealbook: Melodrama aside, it is in fact bleak out there for M&A. Similar to PEHub’s outlook story this morning, The Deal Professor offers a slightly more in-depth look.

New York Post: Like I’ve said before, retail bankruptcies are like Christmas for me, and like Dan said, it looks like its come early. Retail bankruptcies are only going to increase, said Harvey Miller of Weil Gotshal.

Dealscape: The Cubs auction still has PE players in the fold.

Corporate Dealmaker: Evercore Partners’s Philippe Camus has his work cut out for him at Alcatel-Lucent. But to buy a consulting company? That just might be on new CEO Ben Verwaayen’s to-do list…

Slate: While we’re discussing to-do lists, and just big to-dos in general, XX factor has an amusing to-do list for VP nominee Sarah Palin. Number one? Learn about al-Quaida. It goes from there.