PODCAST: Closing deals in a turbulent market

PEI Group's latest collaboration with AlixPartners takes a granular look at how to maximize value creation across the PE lifecycle.

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This episode is sponsored by AlixPartners.

The Disruption Matters special podcast miniseries is back for season two, where leading industry experts will dissect the seismic shifts rattling the core of due diligence in private equity.

The first episode’s discussion zeroes in on the fusion of technology and leadership in shaping risk assessment and deal-making. It asks: how can the right balance between tech and human acumen make or break an investment?

Guests include Joanne Taylor, a partner and managing director with AlixPartners; John Stecher, the CTO of Blackstone; Crosby Cook, a partner with EQT; and Marc Fuhrmann, a principal for real estate at Arrow Global.