Poll Results: 55% Think Del Monte Should Go Up for Sale Again

And the results are in!

Yesterday, we asked you whether Del Monte should go up for sale again. The poll follows a Delaware judge’s decision to delay a shareholder vote on the sale of the company to a KKR-led group. The judge was highly critical of Barclay’s handling of the sale (Barclays wasn’t named as a defendant, but it did advise Del Monte on the sale, provided debt financing for the buyers and ran the go-shop). The ruling has become the talk of Wall Street with Barclays’s rivals taking swipes at the IB, although they do the same thing and often play both sides of a deal.

So we had to ask: should Del Monte go up for sale again? As of midnight Thursday, you’re split on this. A little more than half, 55%, do think Del Monte should be reshopped. But 45% think the company shouldn’t be.

The comments were also split. One person wrote in that “anything legal and moral that benefits the shareholders should be allowed to go forward. “ However, another person had an opposing view. “What did Barclays do wrong?” the person said. “Staple financing is a regular thing in this space.”

In November, a KKR consortium, which included Centerview Partners and Vestar Capital Partners, agreed to buy Del Monte for $3.5 billion.