Q1: VC-Backed IPOs Up, Buyout-Backed IPOs Down

The last VC-backed IPOs of Q1 priced yesterday, when SenoRx raised a lackluster $44 million. Overall, 16 VC-backed companies priced on U.S. exchanges during Q1, for a total take of approximately $1.99 billion. This compares to $1.63 billion raised by 20 offerings during the preceding quarter, and just $540.82 million for 10 IPOs in Q1 2006.

Here is the quarterly history going back to the beginning of 2005: VC-Backed IPOs11.xls. Also, here is the list of Q1 VC-backed IPOs: VC_ipo_List11.xls

Buyouts-backed offerings, on the other hand, were virtually non-existent. Only five such companies priced on U.S. exchanges last quarter, for a paltry take of around $1.42 billion. You need to go back to Q4 2005 to find a quarter in which less money was raised, and back to Q1 2003 to find fewer offerings. Combine this with yesterday’s note about decreased buyout disbursements, and it’s another chink in the PE hype armor.

Here is a historical look at buyout-backed IPOs: Buy-Backed History.xls. Also, here is the list of Q1 buyout-backed IPOs: Q1_BuyIPOs.xls