Required Reading: Roth on Cerberus

“Please don’t report that I’ve joined Cerberus. I think I could be in big trouble if it appears in print. Maybe even fired…”

That came from a private equity pro who had sent me a “change of address” email when moving to Cerberus, because I happened to be in his contacts list. Most private equity firms eschew excessive transparency, but Cerberus is virtually opaque. It does have a website, but good luck even finding the name of CEO Stephen Feinberg.

But Dan Roth of Portfolio has managed to sneak past the velvet ropes, with a 5,800 word piece on Cerberus and its successful persuit of Chrysler. He didn’t actually interview Feinberg (who has never granted a press interview), but nonetheless paints a detailed portrait. Well worth a read, and you don’t even have to skim through 120 pages of ads to find it…