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New Money And Partners Target India (Slideshow)

It has been a turbulent year for venture capital firms investing in India, to say the least. Billions of dollars are being bet on its economy. Some VCs are giving up on funds, some are seeing executives poached for rival (or new) firms. Some are raising big bucks. Others are going seed stage.

As India’s behemoth population enters its own dawn of an Internet age, reduced price points on smartphones and tablets will position some VCs (with a good strategy) atop a potential windfall. Others…are just struggling to keep executives on board.


[slide title=”Accel India Venture”]

The Inside Story: Following up on its $60 million fund, Accel is raising a $150 million early and seed stage fund, peHUB learned earlier this week. However, the VC abandoned plans to raise a $400 million late stage fund, according to reports. So not everything is rosy.

[slide title=”Matrix Partners”]

The Inside Story: We’d all get bored if the graphics were normal. Matrix Partners took the proverbial red pill on its India investments, going with a $300 million fund. Investments from Matrix in India include Quikr, Asklaila, and

[slide title=”Bessemer Venture Partners”]

The Inside Story: There’s going long, and then there’s going LONG. Bessemer Venture Partners revealed that earlier this year when it said it raised a jaw-dropping $1.6 billion. The VC will spend as much as a quarter of its fund making Indian deals.

[slide title=”GMR Infrastructure”]

The Inside Story: It’s not just VCs and Internet developers getting big bucks. GMR Infrastructure Ltd., which develops airport and energy projects, is trying to reel in $150 million for its next fund, according to an April report in Reuters. It shouldn’t have too much difficulty. Macquarie SBI Infrastructure Investments previously invested $200 million in GMR Airports Holding Ltd, which runs the Delhi and Hyderabad airports.

[slide title=”WestBridge Capital”]

The Inside Story: As a matter of fact, there’s plenty of interest in India from the PE side. WestBridge Capital was set up by a bunch of VC veterans from Sequoia Capital, as a matter of fact, and it is looking to put $500 million to work.

[slide title=”Nirvana Venture Advisors”]

The Inside Story: Nirvana Venture Advisors rocked Clearstone Venture Partners about as much as the original band’s release rocked fans (yes, it’s corny, but we needed the excuse for the graphic). Rajan Mehra joined the $75 million VC from the US bringing his expertise to the region for the new fund. It remains to be seen how Clearstone rebounds…