This Fourth of July: BBQs, Vegas and Deals

It’s just hours before peHUB breaks for the Fourth of July holiday and we’re wondering: what is everyone doing this weekend?

Surely, you can’t be working. And for the most part, that’s true. One head of a buyout shop said he was heading to Las Vegas with a large group of friends where he will….well, we all know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Yet another source said he was leaving for New Hampshire where he planned to canoe, water-ski and “commune with the loons!”

BBQs are very popular. One exec said he expected to gorge on ribs one night while viewing fireworks and then go to a party the next day.

As usual, we are very fascinated by what Stephen Schwarzman, the Blackstone co-founder known for giving himself one-heck of a great party, is doing. However, a Blackstone official refused to let me speak to him and told me to email Steve. So I did.

Does anyone stay at home? Well, one Los Angeles-based source says he was staying local (whatever that means) and planned to see fireworks, go to a parade, run a 5K and then eat BBQ. “How Americana can you get?” the very happy exec gushed.

But dealmaking, for an unlucky few, remains a top priority. One person said he will be flying to Asia because of a pending transaction. “July 4th doesn’t mean much there,” the PE source said.

Our heart goes out to all the people that will be working this weekend. We promise to eat our fair share of ribs, get a tan and watch reruns of “Yankee Doodle Dandy” for you.

Happy Independence Day!