When Brad Feld Gets the Munchies

Brad Feld Stomps PretzelsThere’s nothing more fun than watching investors acting silly. Brad Feld, inventor of the Tredputer, talks about crushing your competitors and illustrates his point by stamping on a bag of pretzels. The trick, he says, is to eat their bones afterwards.

Then there’s Tim Draper. You can see him dancing at the DFJ Schmoozefest, or check out his acting debut in “The Naked Brothers Band” Movie.Draper got tapped for the role by his sister, Polly Draper, who wrote and directed the movie about a boy band that hits it big. Ms. Draper is no neophyte in film. She is played in ABC’s “thirtysomething” as Ellyn Warren and made appearances on shows such as “Monk” and “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.”The movie stars Ms. Draper’s children, Alex and Nat Wolff, who find fame and fortune as pre-teen rock stars, but succumb to the same foible that bring down most great bands: girls.

The five boys that make up “The Silver Boulders” all attend Amigos Elementary School, where Tim Draper presides as principal. It’s worth tracking down on the Internet just to hear him say: “We got an accordion. We got punch. Let’s party!”