HackerEarth attracts $500K

HackerEarth said Tuesday that it has received $500,000 in funding. The investors included Angelprime, a Bangalore-based seed­-stage fund and GSF Superangels. HackerEarth is a technical recruiting solutions for talent sourcing and skill assessment.


Bangalore, February 25th, 2014: HackerEarth, a startup that dramatically speeds and simplifies technical recruiting and skill assessment, today announced that it has raised a seed round of $500K from Angelprime, a leading Bangalore based seed­stage fund. HackerEarth was part of the first batch of GSF Accelerator and had earlier received funding from GSF Superangels, which also participating in this round.
HackerEarth was founded by Sachin Gupta, Ex­Google engineer, together with his fellow IITian and two time Google Summer of Code participant Vivek Prakash in late 2012. HackerEarth addresses the single biggest challenge faced by technology companies ­ hiring quality programmers. Hiring managers don’t have to deal with hundred of resumes that conventional recruiting services generate. Instead, they can choose their pick from HackerEarth’s small and curated list, where every candidate’s skills are validated. HackerEarth sources candidates from its ever growing community of programmers. Post this, it’s proprietary learning algorithms helps identify and determine the best fit between a candidate and the opportunity.
“Finding a good developer is like looking for a needle in a haystack”, said Mohit Saxena, VP Technology at InMobi. “By using HackerEarth, we have experienced greater than 80% fit between the candidates identified by the platform and the ones we offered a role at our company”.
Gupta said “We are getting great traction in the market and are confident of growing HackerEarth multi­fold this year ­ the funds raised will help scale our team accordingly. AngelPrime brings not just financing capital, but a significant amount of operating expertise in the form of proven entrepreneurs in Bala, Sanjay & Shripati”.
“HackerEarth is one of the most exciting startups in India ­ with an awesome founding team and a service that is delivering strong value ­ and hence gaining strong traction”, said Shripati Acharya, Managing Partner of AngelPrime. “We are excited about working closely with this young and dynamic team to transform tech ­hiring into a high ­quality experience for both developers and hiring managers”.
Rajesh Sawhney, Founder of GSF Accelerator, added, “We have always believed that Indian startups have the desirable expertise, talent and ambition to build global products. For such teams, GSF is a great global springboard. HackerEarth will benefit immensely with AngelPrime’s expertise and networks in the US market.”
About HackerEarth
HackerEarth provides innovative technical recruiting solutions for talent sourcing and skill assessment. HackerEarth allows recruiters to quickly identify and hire the right candidates from its thriving community of developers. HackerEarth uses its proprietary algorithms and data science to intelligently match job requirements with skill sets of specific developers thus dramatically simplifying the recruiting process.
About AngelPrime
AngelPrime (www.angelprime.com) is a Bangalore­based seed fund and incubator led by serial entrepreneurs Bala Parthasarathy, Sanjay Swamy and Shripati Acharya. The fund is focused on building disruptive product companies out of India, and addresses a much needed gap in the Indian startup ecosystem ­ by bringing a combination of first­hand entrepreneurial experience, operating expertise and meaningful capital. AngelPrime’s partners have also incubated other exciting startups including ZipDial, Ezetap and SmartOwner.
About GSF Accelerator
GSF Accelerator is India’s largest and the most renowned tech accelerator, founded by Rajesh Sawhney, and backed by 20 iconic Indian Digital Founders in India. GSF aims to provide promising startups in the mobile, social, local and cloud spaces with unparalleled access to venture & business networks, personalized & intensive mentoring, and initial capital. GSF Accelerator company, Little Eye Labs, was Facebook’s first acquisition in South Asia. GSF now goes global this year with the launch of GSF Global Accelerator, a first­in­the­world cross­border accelerator program. Details and Application: https://angel.co/gsf­global­accelerator­program/apply

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