Clipchamp nets $1.1 mln seed

Australia-based Clipchamp, a user-generated video platform, has secured $1.1 million in seed funding. The investors were not named. The capital infusion will be used for product development and expansion.


Brisbane, AUSTRALIA, June 28, 2016 – User-generated video platform Clipchamp today announced $1.1M in seed funding. Clipchamp will use the new finance to develop its proprietary video compression technology, and expand its offering into the U.S. and Europe.

Clipchamp’s unique video solution gives businesses a fast and simple way to upload video footage onto company websites. Using traditional web-based upload methods, a ten-minute video could take between 5-6 hours to upload. However, Clipchamp technology can make this up to 20 times faster, both directly on or using the business API.

Clipchamp’s API is easily implemented on any website, giving businesses a simple way to add engaging video content to communicate with their audiences. The technology lets users record and upload SD and HD videos from desktop and mobile devices in just minutes.

The video functionality compresses and converts any video into modern formats, such as streaming-friendly MP4, WebM, FLV and WMV files. Using the API, processed or recorded videos can be saved or uploaded directly to services such as YouTube, AWS S3, Microsoft Azure or the cloud storage of the website owner.

Clipchamp currently serves 300,000 unique visitors a month, and transcodes and records over 165k videos. With Clipchamp, Australia’s leading online casting software provider, MyCastingNet, has streamlined its video management, connecting candidate videos directly with production companies and TV networks.

Video is increasingly becoming an effective means for companies to communicate with their audiences. According to HighQ’s analysis of 2015 video trends, 81 percent of websites host a branded video. Faster internet speeds on mobile, native video players and improved standards for high resolution video content all contribute to the growth of quality video available online. However, high quality can cause strain on company servers, and result in long upload times. Until now, the only alternative has been to opt for third party processors, however this adds extra costs and does not suit all businesses.

“People want to share videos, but with notoriously large files in a variety of formats this is not easy,” said CEO and founder Alexander Dreiling. “Clipchamp removes the technical complexity from video conversion, helping businesses to create great quality video content at scale.”

Clipchamp have solved this issue by compressing and converting the video locally on the user’s computer before it gets uploaded. This unique approach, processes the video within the browser, helping businesses to handle larger video quantities, with shorter upload times. This removes the need for server-side video transcoding, by compressing the file before it is uploaded and converting it into a standard format that is streaming-ready. It also protects the user privacy, as files do not touch Clipchamp servers, and are sent directly to upload targets or straight to the website owner.

“Our video technology is compared to the fictional startup of Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper, almost every day. On the show, the team dream up a compression algorithm. By transcoding files within the browser, Clipchamp has created the tools to make this a reality,” adds Dreiling.

Pricing starts at $25 a month for the Basic package. Clipchamp also offers Standard and Elite packages that allow for a greater amount of content, subdomains and upload functionalities. Clipchamp is currently offering a 30-day free trial to all new customers.

Clipchamp Pty Ltd launched in 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. The technology hosts 300,000 unique visitors every month on and via the API, helping businesses to more easily implement customized videos on their websites. In a month Clipchamp records over 50k videos, transcodes 115k and uploads over 20k videos to various platforms.

Clipchamp is building in-browser applications that overcome limitations of both desktop and cloud-based alternatives. This technology makes it easier to convert, compress, share and play videos independent of operating systems and device types.

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