Stemming the covid-19 tide: Biodot overcomes supply chain disruption to fight pandemic  

Artemis Capital’s Biodot, a testing solution company, pivots operations to handle the crisis.

Unlike medical professionals and grocers who are our frontline fighters, PE-backed companies like Biodot are going after covid-19 from behind the scenes.

Artemis Capital Partners-backed Biodot, an equipment maker for diagnostic labs, continues to work seven days a week to fulfill three times its average monthly orders.

Approaching capacity

Biodot’s facilities were not designed to handle the influx of orders that came when the pandemic shocked the healthcare system.

“We took our existing facility, reformatted it and changed the whole assembly line to build 10 to 15 point-of-care systems per month instead of three to four,” said Peter Hunter, founder and managing director of Artemis, a value-add investor.

Artemis bought the Irvine, California, medical product maker in March in a deal valued south of $100 million. The same month, the manufacturer had 30 device orders, or about 30 percent more than its monthly average of 20 devices.

Since the acquisition, the industrial-focused PE firm has remained in constant communication with Biodot. The investment team is in dialogue with Biodot CEO Tony Lemmo at least twice a week and holds management meetings once a month, Hunter said.

Besides revising the existing plant, “we rented a facility in the East Coast to help address our capacity issue,” the investor said.

Supply-Chain Disruption

Biodot, which started operations in 1994, manufactures automated ultra-low-volume fluid dispensing systems for labs that make antibody or serology tests. These tests are indicators of immune responses within a coronavirus survivor who had mild or no symptoms, but never got checked or received treatment. Simply put, serology tests identify antibodies, a potential proxy for covid-19 immunity.

Biodot’s suppliers are high-precision machine parts makers. “These are special machine parts which are not easily sourced,” Hunter said.

In consequence, the company’s suppliers were struggling to meet demand after the outbreak, and “so, we reached out to the customers and explained our challenges in sourcing materials,” Hunter said.

With the help of other suppliers that work with Biodot’s diagnostic lab customers, Biodot found a path to solving its supply chain issue. “Our customers introduced us to their suppliers to assist,” he said.

What now?

While the overall financial health of the business is positive, Biodot’s non-covid business is down, according to Hunter. “Orders for lab testing, gene therapy technologies and non-covid point-of-care have been delayed but this demand is coming back slowly and is pent-up,” Hunter said.

In addition, some of its non-covid testing equipment made for lab-related applications are pricey.

That said, the Boston firm has no current plans to grow Biodot with additional M&A. Artemis will determine if and when an add-on makes sense, he said.

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Action Item: Check out the full database of PE-backed companies that have pivoted operations amid covid-19. The information has been supplied by the PE firms, compiled and edited by PE Hub for clarity.

NoNamePortfolio CompanyDoing what?
1Artemis Capital PartnersBioDotWorking 7 days a week to manufacture fluid dispensing systems for labs that assemble antibody or serological tests.
2Tecum Capital Partners and Validor CapitalBICOSteelworkers at BICO worked extra hours to help a supplier of ventilators ramp up production.
3Lincolnshire managementPowerhousePowerhouse now installs barriers that act as separators for retail workers. The company is also disinfecting spaces. Both these tasks are additions to its pre-covid businsses.
4MPK Equity PartnersRestoration 1Restoration 1 fixes fire, water and mold damage but is now providing disinfecting services - thanks to the PPE that it typically uses for its general services.
5Adjuvant CapitalCodagenixPartnered with the Serum Institute of India to rapidly co-develop a live-attenuated vaccine against the coronavirus.
6ArchiMedDiesse Diagnostica SeneseDeveloping a blood test for covid-19 detection.
7EQT / TA AssociatesAldevronAldevron's technology is being used in 30 different covid programs right now.
8Consonance CapitalBako DiagnosticsBako repurposed its technology expertise in PCR, developing and launching a covid-19 test in a matter of weeks. The company is also working on developing a serology test to develop antibodies, a proxy for covid immunity.
9Falfurrias Capital PartnersSauer Brands (Richmond Plant)The company has been making spices, seasonings and extracts for 133 years but got FDA approval to start making hand sanitizer. It’s strictly for employees and also local first responders in Richmond, to whom Sauer Brands is donating the sanitizer.
10Bain CapitalCanada GooseThe Canada Goose Response Program repurposed all eight Canadian manufacturing facilities and engaged 600 employees to work toward the goal of delivering 1.6 million pieces of medical grade PPE at cost to frontline healthcare workers across the country.
11Pine Island and Bain Capital and Compass PartnersPrecinmacThe Trimaster Division of Precinmac in Guelph, Ontario, is manufacturing over 800,000 units of a vital component in ventilators. The components are being distributed to key customers who have repurposed their facilities to ramp up production of these life-saving devices.
12Bain CapitalQuVaQuVa tripled the production of critical sedation, blood pressure support and anesthesia medications to aid the treatment of patients in ICU at over 1,500 hospitals across the US. The company is also reimbursing all childcare expenses for dedicated staff who are working to produce these high-demand pharmaceuticals.
13Bain CapitalApex Tool GroupApex Tool Group’s industrial designers used 3-D printing to make hundreds of face shields for healthcare heroes and distributed them via community partners.
14Bain CapitalMichael'sMichael's donated $1 million worth of fabric – enough to make about 750,000 pieces – to organizations making protective masks for first responders, hospitals and essential workers.
15Bain CapitalDynavaxDynavax is developing CpG 1018 as a broad vaccine adjuvant platform. With that as the goal, the company has embarked on a strategy to establish multiple research collaborations aimed at demonstrating the capability of CpG 1018 to enhance the immune response to a variety of vaccine antigens.
16Bain CapitalVarsity BrandsVarsity Brands adapted its graduation-cap-and-gown manufacturing facilities to quickly deliver critical personal protective equipment (PPE) to essential business customers globally.
17Bain CapitalAffinavixAffinivax is supporting the development of next-generation vaccines by accelerating the use of its patented Multiple Antigen Presenting System (MAPS) technology, which enables high-affinity binding of polysaccharides and proteins to uniquely induce a broad and protective B- and T-cell immune response to vaccines.
18Bain CapitalRent the RunwayRent the Runway repurposed its garment repairs team and local NYC factory partners to produce 80,000+ washable and reusable non-medical face masks for the general public.
19Bain CapitalDiverseyDiversey increased product supply by 8x to meet the unprecedented surge in demand for disinfectants and sanitizers.
20Bain CapitalHealthDriveHealthDrive’s behavioral health providers volunteered to facilitate a telehealth therapy service to any partner, provider or staff member at the company, ensuring that mental health is a priority.
21Bain CapitalHomebaseHomebase is providing healthcare teams with premium time tracking and scheduling software for free for three months. Healthcare teams at covid-19 screening centers and response centers are using Homebase.
22Bain CapitalCloud GuruCloud Guru has launched a program to provide 1,000 individuals who have lost employment due to covid-19 with a free one-year subscription to its cloud skills education program.
23Bain CapitalIQVIAThe company launched the covid Active Research Experience (CARE) Project, an information-gathering portal, which to date has produced more than 50 reports to help inform the scientific community and the greater community at large about disease prevalence, symptom progression and treatment outcomes.
24Bain CapitalCentralSquareProvided select software products such as online citizen reporting tools free of charge to public safety agencies to assist with emergency response throughout the pandemic.
25Bain Capital (and other investors RA Capital Management, Perceptive Advisors, Rock Springs Capital, Adage Capital Management, T. Rowe Price, Redmile Group and Omega Funds)Atea PharmaceuticalsAtea is developing a drug for treatment of adult patients hospitalized with moderate covid-19 with one or more risk factors
26ApolloCareerBuilderCareerBuilder has launched a Crisis Support Center to help impacted Americans find jobs.
27ApolloTegraTypically known for developing sports and athletic apparel, Tegra has reprioritized operations and is pivoting its manufacturing to make face masks amid the ongoing spread of covid-19.
28ApolloUniversity of PhoenixUniversity of Phoenix is offering free, credit-bearing online courses and “tool kits” for k-12 teachers who are adapting to online learning environments.
29ApolloMcGraw Hill EducationMcGraw Hill Education is offering free access to online higher-ed coursework and training professors and students to digital learning platforms and is providing free K-12 digital products and access to ALEKs learning platform.
30ApolloIntradoIntrado has partnered with Cisco to provide free virtual learning software and services for K-12 schools in the US.
31Compass Diversified HoldingsSternoSterno shifted its priorities at two of its plants. Rather than producing insulated food bags and ethanol chafing fuel, they are now producing cotton masks and hand sanitizer.
32BlackstoneSERVPROEmployees at SERVPRO, a cleanup and restoration company, have been involved in a number of relief efforts. These include assembling care packages for US Army personnel deployed to New York City to build a covid-19 hospital, providing meals to US Army Fort Campbell Troops managing the Jacob Javits Medical Center, and franchises across the country. They are answering requests for first responder vehicle cleanings at no charge.
33BlackstoneBridger AerospaceBridger Aerospace provided its aerial transportation resources to airlift emergency supplies and deliver blood drive services to treat patients in Bozeman, Montana, hospitals.
34BlackstoneSema4Sema4 is joining the fight against covid-19 by offering rapid testing to support healthcare providers in Connecticut and New York.
35L CattertonClassPassClassPass has launched a new feature that enables fitness and wellness providers to offer live-streamed classes, sessions and appointments through the ClassPass app and website. The company will donate 100% of the proceeds from these purchases through June 1, 2020 directly to its partners who are unable to host in-person classes and appointments due to covid-19.
36Veritas CapitalAthenahealthDeveloped new interactive covid-19 dashboard, to be used by covid-19 Healtchare coalition and Athenahealth customers. Dashboard tracks lab test orders and identifies concentrations of high-risk patients, via data from its providers across 50 states and 100 million patients. Also, launched 24-hour incident response team to stay in sync with the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization.
37Veritas CapitalCotivitiLaunched publicly available outbreak tracker which identifies future geographic areas that may see heightened infection outbreaks, helping the healthcare industry shift its response from reactive to proactive.
38Veritas CapitalOnSolveOnSolve, a provider of SaaS-based mass notification, put together a crisis communication kit for covid-19, offering best practices for communicating sample coronavirus message templates and ways to manage employee expectations.
39Veritas CapitalCambiumCambium now provides free access to K-12 curriculum organizations to support educational challenges created out of covid-19.
40Cerberus CapitalKellermeyer Bergensons ServicesKBS, a provider of commercial contract cleaning, has leased its own trucks to move necessary chemicals and PPE directly from its manufacturer to its warehouse, and redirected its hospitality staff to work on coronavirus cleanup instead.
41Cerberus CapitalABC TechnologiesABC, an automotive supplier, is developing ventilator components to support production efforts in the United States and Canada. It started shipments of components within just three weeks. It has also been working with several organizations and companies to produce face masks and protective face shields.
42Cerberus CapitalAlbertsons CompaniesAlbertsons, the second-largest supermarket chain in North America partnered with major hospitality businesses to provide part-time jobs to furloughed employees. Partners include Hilton, Marriott International, MGM Resorts. Like other supermarkets it has been working around the clock to keep products on shelves and keep stores clean and open.
43Great Hill PartnersCustomInkCustomInk, the online custom apparel retailer, quickly pivoted and repurposed their manufacturing so they could provide desperately needed face masks at bulk rates.
44Advantech Capital and Vivo CapitalSinovac R&DSinovac Biotech, a leading provider of biopharmaceutical products in China, is developing an inactivated vaccine against covid-19 named CoronaVac. The Phase II clinical trial commenced in May.
45Sole Source CapitalSupply Chain ServicesSCS produced large amounts of RFID labels for coronavirus testing devices. The Medical Contract Manufacturer reached out in early March when the spread of the virus worsened and the need for tests grew exponentially. These labels are important for medical professionals to accurately track patient tests and keep accurate data. Unfortunately the inlays the manufacturer uses for orders are sourced out of China and were not going to be filled until July. SCS also helped the manufacturer by reaching out to their inlay suppliers and pulled together to locate the wet inlays needed. SCS also helped a grocery store to do online ordering and store pickup similar to Instacart by creating a hardware kit. The combination of a handheld scanner and mobile printer let the grocery employees fulfill online orders without going through the high-traffic checkout lanes.
46Eurazeo BrandsThe Bandier teamThe activewear company is keeping its community connected with daily, virtual at-home exercise sessions,
47Eurazeo BrandsNESTThe manufacturer and marketer of luxury fragrances is working to develop antibacterial products for consumers.
48Edison PartnersSuuchiA supply-chain management software provider for the clothing manufacturing industry converted to making masks and PPE.
49Blackford CapitalMopecScaled production and started creating CDC-compliant body bags. It developed Guardian Racks, which is a collapsible morgue storage rack system. This was created in response to the wooden shelves being built in New York to hold bodies in refrigerated trailers.
50Clinical InkNovaQuestClinical Ink helped expedite the study of a treatment for "cytokine storm," the immunological reaction associated with severe cases of covid-19.
51Tritium PartnersRVShareThe peer-to-peer RV rentals in the US has seen a massive growth in bookings due to the pandemic as domestic family trips have become the dominant form of travel.
52New Mountain CapitalZep Inc.The cleaning company's sales were trending down until covid but now they are scrambling to meet demand. They have some retail business, but the bulk is heavy duty cleaning chemicals for industrial (mfg,automotive), F&B (meat/dairy processing plants) and institutional (hospitals, schools), so will likely see sustained growth in post-COVID world.
53VSSCoretelligentThe managed IT services firm witnessed an increase in demand from clients – many of whom, new to the virtual environment, required more than the day-to-day IT support services. The company migrated its onsite field team to meet this demand.
54CORE Industrial PartnersFathomIn the early covid months – when conversations around ventilator shortages had just begun – Fathom, a 3-D printing company signed two large ventilator projects under the Defense Production Act. To increase production and reduce time to market, Fathom also created a new multi-cavity tool to build covid test cartridges, which saw an incredible spike in demand.

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