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Here’s a topic that none of you in private equity would ever willingly be affiliated with or quoted on, but you can all agree on, privately: Private equity doesn’t create jobs. But, perhaps, the industry should publicly take a stance that they’re out to save the ones that should still exist. It’s a tough thing […]
Hear That, B&N? Amazon to launch digital library Debt Fears: European markets down again He’s Back! Castro raps with Venezuelan interviewer Buckle Up: Fall allergies may be much worse than usual Yahoo re-considers its options, now Bartz-less No Love for the Beast! Beers Americans are swearing off What Biotech Companies are missing out on Twitter Ouch: Dimon rips Basel
The 9/11 Generation Not Again: NYC on high alert as 9/11 anniversary approaches Running of the Bulls: Merrill cuts a bunch Turn the Lights On: San Diego needs to power up Google: Using a hell of a lotta watts Is Twitter going to close a new secondary offering today?
Bella Pictures, a wedding photography and videography service, lost its backers more than $58 million, according to sources and federal filings. Revelations of the company’s fire sale are a black eye for Foundation Capital, its primary backer, which is pre-marketing a seventh fund in hopes of raising $750 million. Before it was sold earlier this […]
Niloofar Howe: How to inspire our daughters to pursue remarkable careers in science and technology The Sky, is, in Fact, Falling: And that’s coming from Blackstone Hmph, That Was Quick: HTC sues Apple with patents it just bought A Very Unfocused map for how to focus your life On the Go: Rob Go’s guide to the Boston startup scene for Sept.
Running up a Tab: Cybercrime costs more than $100B annually Lookin’ Good: Futures headed for a run? Or… are we looking at a long-term disaster? Yer Out! Yahoo dumps Bartz Delayed & Denied: Groupon’s IPO
This is What Happens: When you Google “in defense of Michael Arrington.” And, it’s pretty amusing. Snitchin’: This man is about to be jailed for cooperating with the media Ouch: The Times, after ripping Techcrunch, is forced to publish a series of corrections Just for Clarification: Michael Arrington will write for Techcrunch, will not have editorial oversight Can Apple Revolutionize the solar biz?
Cracking the Code: Regulators seek high-speed trading codes Come Again? When does bankruptcy not mean bankruptcy? W. Va. Man Streaks, Takes Live raccoon to NASCAR event. Yup. Stuff You’d Never Wanna Eat? Check. So About That $100M Vick deal… Yeah, it’s not. Also, the Eagles aren’t going to win the East. There, Bernard, I said it.
So, What’s Wrong with MobiTV’s IPO filing? Swingin for the Fences: The Obama administration is wielding a lot of force with the DOJ Pot, Meet Kettle: ECB official rips US debt sitch Ruh-Roh: US futures headed south for the Thursday Well, Then: Samsung sets sail on three new cameras Zeebo packs on the pesos for a pivot
A former VC is being charged with breaching his fiduciary duty and “usurping” his ex-employer’s funds to launch a separate investment vehicle that invested in TicketsNow, the online secondary market ticket exchange, according to an SEC complaint. In 2006, according to the complaint, Matthew Crisp, was then a partner with Adams Street Partners, an international […]

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