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My professional experience has shown me that relationships and valuing them are the foundation. My focus is” Social Luxury” and Commerce integrated with Cloud computing. This sector includes branded entertainment and marketing layered on social networking ;building sincere relationships with global customers with luxury brand focus and protection.
strategic relationships and capital
Now building the foundation for VBC with partners in China. In China relationships are the foundation of business so this has been a wonderful experience. My focus is to bring strategic alliances for both countries in the finance. Advertising and social media space. I have expanded my offering to the luxury business and will be launching a site for ” China Luxury Business” and also expand local Chinese luxury goods a channel to reach other markets.

CHERAY : a portfolio of luxury brands and investments developed internally.
Wine Luxe : A social luxury startup that is focused around the sumptuous lifestyle of the wine business. It will eventually help brands market and do commerce in the luxury vertical that need their brand protected and supported in the Cloud environment.

CLOUD Holdings:
CLOUD NETWORK : I have been working on the Cloud Network since 1999 as a platform that sat upon Microcast Network a broadband overlay partnered with Cisco and AT&T. The sub channels under Cloud Network are Cloud Mobile, Cloud TV, Cloud Government, Cloud Cloudcast, Cloud Security, Cloudcom,CloudServices ect..I own 100 Cloud internet domains in the sub brands and will be building the model with channel partners.
Cloud Agency will focus on digital and branded entertainment , marketing and advertising models in the Cloud Network and social media environment.
Cloud Entertainment will focus on the media sector .


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Sothebys Institute

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