Finnish corporate wellness service HeiaHeia nets financing

HeiaHeia said Wednesday that it has raised 1.5 million euros in funding. Wallstreet Financial Services led the round with participation from investors that included Tekes, The Finnish Funding Agency For Innovation. Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, HeiaHeia is a corporate social wellness service.


Helsinki/London. 16 April 2014 – HeiaHeia, the corporate social wellness service that encourages employees to become more active and promotes a healthier lifestyle, today announced that the company has closed €1.5M in funding. Wallstreet Financial Services, a Finnish investment house, leads the roundalong with private investors participating. There is also investment from Tekes, The Finnish Funding Agency For Innovation. Dr. Timo Rapakko served as HeiaHeia’s advisor in the equity-funding round.
Originally created for use by individuals as a personal fitness motivator, HeiaHeia quickly generated interest in corporate wellness professionals. HeiaHeia has since evolved into a social wellness platform that is now adopted by hundreds of companies around the world looking to improve wellness across their organisation, incentivise employees and build team morale.
Clients include small and medium sized businesses as well as large organisations, including Johnson&Johnson, PepsiCo, Ricoh, Toshiba, Santander and more. HeiaHeia has also created an active network of partnerships with insurance companies and wellness coaching companies in several countries. These companies actively promote HeiaHeia and the benefits of using the service to their customers.
“We’re fast becoming the number one choice for companies that are looking for modern, cost-efficient and effective ways to improve wellness and internal team spirit in the workplace. The investment from Wallstreet will help us to accelerate our growth internationally”, said CEO and co-founder, Jussi Raisanen. “This investment round enables us to have a greater presence in our key markets – USA, UK, Northern Europe – and on a larger scale. This round will also enable us to put more resources into the development of our cutting-edge wellness SaaS platform.”
“We originally developed HeiaHeia for our personal needs and consumers, but it expanded quickly for corporate use”, commented Olli Oksanen, Head of Product and co-founder at HeiaHeia. “With HeiaHeia, companies can easily organise versatile wellness programs and track results. We have maintained the key principles of our free product – ease-of-use and gamification approach – and have refined the platform to cater more for organisations of different sizes and their needs.”
“With people spending the majority of their day at work, it’s becoming increasingly important for employers to promote wellness in the workplace. HeiaHeia’s mission is to help employers succeed in their task”, continued Raisanen. “In the coming years, we intend to improve wellness at thousands of companies worldwide by providing them with an all-in-one workplace wellness tool.”
”HeiaHeia is the first company that we have chosen to invest in using our new investment vehicle, specifically designed for startups and growth companies,” said Pauli Maenpaa, CEO, Wallstreet Financial Services. “The story behind HeiaHeia and the huge success Jussi and the team has experienced so far really excites our clients. We’re looking forward to what the future holds.”
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About HeiaHeia is a technology company that provides entertaining and gamified solutions to help people take better care of themselves. HeiaHeia offers an all-in-one workplace wellness tool for the modern employer. Since 2011, hundreds of employers and numerous insurance and wellness companies worldwide have chosen HeiaHeia as the SaaS platform for their wellness programs, including PepsiCo, Ricoh, Ericsson, Nordea, and Janssen (Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceuticals). HeiaHeia’s platform improves wellness program participation rates, makes healthy behavior changes more measurable, and creates a social community around healthy lifestyles. It is available as an online service with native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. HeiaHeia is privately owned and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with business operations in the USA, the UK, and Sweden.